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Inspection - Food Audit

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Inspection - Food Audit £ 550.00 In stock



  • Front and back of the house for one location
  • Computer generated report of the findings before I leave the facility if internet is available
  • Short 15 minute consultation on the results
  • Signed confidentiality statement
  • List of violations found
  • Can provide hands on teaching on how to correct the issues?* (See Consulting Tab)

Why do I need a third party inspection?  My health department inspections are great!

Are you overworked? Are you in compliance since your last inspection?


Third Party Audits are valuable:

  • Reports what is going on right and what is going on wrong
  • Identify problems before a health department inspection
  • Prevent an outbreak before it can occur
  • Protect your restaurant and managers from legal action in the event of an outbreak


Report Covers:

  • Violations - Issues
  • Employee if known
  • Area or Room
  • Top 3 areas to work on
  • Summary highlighting overall strengths and weakness to protect against foodborne illness


Fee Schedule:

  • Audit Rate: $550.00 and go up to $1800.00+ depending on the size, frequency and detail needed. Discounts given for additional quarterly audits and more than 1 unit.
  • No charge for travel or lodging if within 50 miles of Belton, Texas.  Beyond 50 miles, standard mileage rates apply.   
  • Mileage: IRS standard mileage rate for business, currently 62.5 cents per mile; 2022
  • Lodging cost for over 50 miles of Belton, Texas: $255 per day*
  • Meal cost for overnight travel only: $65 per day*
  • Other travel costs (airfare, train, parking, rental car, etc.) 
  • First vist is prepaid via shopping cart online or check received; thereafter invoicing will proceed with due upon receipt*
  • Additional fees incurred for time outside consultation to put (customized classes, plans, etc.) together and create.
  • While traveling outside the 50 mile radius; a 1/2 up front non refundable deposit is required.*
  • *Fees subject to change based on project and location

Contact Chef

For further information on any of the services, or to schedule a food audit call directly 817-291-6000.


Call to schedule a date and time!

Please call to schedule food audit and work out the details at 817-291-6000.

Thanks Chef Marshie




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