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"13 Interactive Challenges to Self-Discovery"

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"13 Interactive Challenges to Self-Discovery" £ 17.99 In stock

A journal to allow readers to assess their life in categories including money, health/fitness and legacy to bring about healing and transformation. The book helps readers develop deeper, more meaningful relationships with others.  It is full of 44 exercises to help people in multiple aspects of life, including fitness, money, self-image and building a legacy.  This book isn't one you just sit down and read.  You actually interact with it.  Some of the exercises are easy and others are difficult depending on where you are in your journey.



Challenge 1: Try Something New
Challenge 2: Declutter Life
Challenge 3: Self-Love
Challenge 4: Health
Challenge 5: Fitness
Challenge 6: Goals
Challenge 7: Anger Release
Challenge 8: Love Others
Challenge 9: Olive Branch
Challenge 10:  Let Go
Challenge 11:  Quiet Time
Challenge 12:  Money
Challenge 13:  Legacy





Lila Holley, Certified Life Coach for Transitioning Military Members and Veterans
"This book is an awesome tool to use as you work your way through life's continuous transitions, even a transition as significant as transitioning from military life to civilian life."



Dawniel Winingham, Master Business Coach; Author
"This book is a next-level MUST READ."


Dr. Jack Rhodes, Sports Mental Trainer; Author
"A great tool to help you recognize your negative beliefs that are limiting your life."





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