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Life Coaching

Defined by ICF, International Coach Federation, coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.

Marshie’s philosophy of life coaching:  

I believe life coaching is a positive tool to get the answers to questions we may not be asking ourselves.  Those answers spur us into action to move forward towards our goals and dreams with the end result having a more fulfilling life. Life Coaching is simply a method to help us get to that next level and reach for self-actualization.  Ask yourself, is there a gap between where you are now and where you want to be?  Yes, then life coaching may be the key to unlock the door and reach for the stars. Why continue to struggle on your own when you can get on the fast track of obtaining what you want out of life with the encouragement, support and tools of a skilled life coach holding you accountable in a loving way?

Are you ready?

  • Do you have a clear goal?
  • Ready to take action?
  • Ready to invest in yourself?
    Be prepared to invest 90 or even 180 days in this process depending on your goals.
  • Are you open to outside input?
    I learned a long time ago that I can lead a horse to water,but I can’t make him drink.  I am delighted to be your cheerleader, provider of wise counsel, and occasionally give you a swift kick in the butt if necessary. Change involves doing things differently than you have done them before often causing you to be out of your comfort zone.
  • Have you found a good fit?
    Nobody wins if there isn't a good fit, so take this seriously, I do!


I commit to listening, encouraging you and calling the hard plays.
  • Listen
  • Provide tools and resources; assessments
  • Bring strong and direct leadership to save you time and resources; tough love
  • Encourage stretching and growth
  • Challenge your mind set; re-script old messages
  • Act as a sounding board to bounce off ideas, planning and decision making
  • Strategize with you to help you find new ways to move forward with a fresh outlook by asking thought provoking questions
  • Partner with you every step of the way
  • Recommend other professional services in the event coaching becomes limited
  • Maintain professional boundaries including confidentiality


Being a Life Coach is about helping you transform your life personally and professionally.  I am committed to providing practical solutions and no nonsense approaches.  

Call today for your complimentary 20 minute session to see if I am the right coach for you.


Life Coaching

Focuses on evolving and manifesting potential in the present and future. Uses coaching skills and accountability is expected.  Works mainly with external issues. Asks, "What's next and what now?"
  • Advances the client's potential; possibility
  • Seeks to bring more power, control and joy
  • Educational, discovery-based process of human potential
  • Solutions-oriented


Focuses on the past and healing of trauma in the past and present. Using therapy techniques and accountability is not expected. Works mainly with internal issues. Asks, "Why and from where?"
  • "Cures" the patient; focuses on problem
  • Seeks to remove the client's pain
  • Based on psychiatric medical models; needs repair and healing
  • Problem-oriented


If you answered 5 or more questions yes, you qualify for Life Coaching.
  • Are you feeling stuck?
  • At a career crossroads?
  • Adrift in the midst of transition?
  • Ready to amp up your professional profile?
  • Want amazing fulfilling relationships?
  • Are you living a victim free mentality and done  with the blame game?
  • Ready to be kind to yourself?
  • Know you are a leader but inside feeling it just hasn't happened yet?


Watch Video: Are We a Fit?

It is important we both feel comfortable with each other.  This is imperative because I know I may not be a fit for everyone and that is alright.  Furthermore, I don’t want you to second guess yourself and waste your money on someone you might not like or can benefit from their knowledge and expertise  There are many life coaches to choose from, and I want you to pick me because we are a fit.


Reach Out

Did you answer the quiz?   Are you ready to take charge and make necessary changes?

Awesome! Now is the time to request a free initial consult by emailing me to inquire about coaching and the Discovery Session.  We can schedule a call to discuss what might work for you.

20 Minute Complementary Consult

Once we’ve had our initial consult and agreed a Discovery Session makes sense for you. You can send a payment before Discovery Session.  Accepted payments are cash, check or PayPal. After receiving payment, you will submit an intake form before our Discovery Session.


2 Hour Discovery Session

Rate: $447 You will receive in depth action steps to move forward to reaching your goals.  Next, you will decide if you want to commit to on going Life Coaching or join the next group session available.


Commit to 1:1 Life Coaching

Two Tiers of Coaching: Silver or Gold (monthly coaching retainer fee)

Silver: $397 a month for 3 half hour calls a month with one email exchange for the month.

Gold: $697 a month for 4 half hour calls a month with email and instant messaging support unlimited (within reason; agreed time parameters)




Am I the Coach for you?

Yes! Great!

Next steps are:
  • Reach out to me; call or email
  • Do a 20 minute free consult
  • Do a 2 hour discovery session
  • Commit to a plan

What Do Coaches Do?

ICF is the International Coach Federation. ICF defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.
  • Listen
  • Help you get results
  • Ask powerful and intuitive questions
  • Support you, challenge you and motivate you
  • Helps you stretch limits and raise your awareness
Free 20 Minute Consult


You are a great candidate for coaching if:

Ambitious, smart, successful woman wanting to get to the next level personally and/or professionally
   Hungry to grow and develop a deeper understanding of yourself
Looking for more joy and meaning in life
Ready to win on your own terms
   Committed to putting in the time
Committed to doing the work


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