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Hotel and Restaurant Safety - Employee Book

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Hotel and Restaurant Safety - Employee Book £ 9.99 In stock

  • Train your staff yourself with workbooks.
  • Volume discounts - you can't go wrong to save money.
  • Create a workplace which values safety above all else.


Really, OSHA is Required?

Yep, really it is a federal law!


The book includes a certificate which is good for two years from the date of completion of training.


This book will provide the students with the basic tools and understanding they need to get the hotel and restaurant up to standard, and get them on the path to doing their job safely and being mindful of safety. Resulting in lower insurance claims and less worker's comp cases.  For every dollar you spend in safety you will save $4-6 dollars on the back end.


Make no mistake about it, this comprehensive course is convenient for training managers and supervisors.

  • Easy
  • Convenient
  • Afforadable 
  • Volume Discounts
  • Create a workplace which values safety above all else
  • Train your staff yourself with workbooks after taking a live class or online course

We removed all cost-based excuses or barriers to allow every hotel and restaurant owner, manager, or executive to be able to get his or her employees trained. There are no hidden fees or contracts.  Every hospitality employee in the country needs to be trained and tested by OSHA standards. This course talks specifically on what the OSHA standards are for our industry.

Take advantage of corporate volume discounts and get your staff trained quickly and easily by doing it yourself.  All I ask is you, the trainer to be, take my manager course online or live first. There are no hidden fees or contracts, yes it really is that simple. The discounts are applied based on how many books you order each time, not cummulative. Invoicing is available and encouraged.


Completion of this course gives the student the training and testing they must have to meet OSHA compliance.

Regardless of the size of hotel and restaurant business, it is imperative that each and every employee realizes the importance of safety, health, and security  throughout the premises. This is essential in establishing a safe and secure environment for the benefit of everyone.


Don't be scared to teach the manager or employee courses.  The workbooks make it easy to teach from because you will easily see how to tell your own stories which have happened along your career.  Your staff will have their own stories to share enriching the learning experience about safety.  There is a short test in the back to see how well the employees retained the information. Once they pass Human Resources will want to keep their certificates on file.

Hotel and Restaurant Safety - Employee  Don't Slip! Be OSHA Compliant. (includes certification)

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