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Inspection - Food-Hotel Audit

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Inspection - Food-Hotel Audit £ 0.00 In stock

Third Party Restaurant and Hotel Inspection:


  • Front and back of the house for one location
  • Computer generated report of the findings before I leave the facility if internet is available
  • Short 15 minute consultation on the results
  • Signed confidentiality statement
  • List of violations found
  • Can provide hands on teaching on how to correct the issues?* (See Consulting Tab)

Why do I need a third party inspection?  My health department inspections are great!

Are you overworked? Are you in compliance since your last inspection?


Third Party Audits are valuable:

  • Reports what is going on right and what is going on wrong
  • Identify problems before a health department inspection
  • Prevent an outbreak before it can occur
  • Protect your restaurant and managers from legal action in the event of an outbreak


Report Covers:

  • Violations - Issues
  • Employee if known
  • Area or Room
  • Top 3 areas to work on
  • Summary highlighting overall strengths and weakness to protect against foodborne illness


Fee Schedule:

  • Audit Rate: $1800.00+ depending on the size, frequency and detail needed. Discounts given for additional quarterly audits and more than 1 unit.
  • No charge for travel or lodging if within 50 miles of Belton, Texas.  Beyond 50 miles, standard mileage rates apply.   
  • Mileage: IRS standard mileage rate for business, currently 62.5 cents per mile; 2022
  • Lodging cost for over 50 miles of Belton, Texas: $255 per day*
  • Meal cost for overnight travel only: $75per day*
  • Other travel costs (airfare, train, parking, rental car, etc.) 
  • First vist is prepaid via shopping cart online or check received; thereafter invoicing will proceed with due upon receipt*
  • Additional fees incurred for time outside consultation to put (customized classes, plans, etc.) together and create.
  • While traveling outside the 50 mile radius; a 1/2 up front non refundable deposit is required.*
  • *Fees subject to change based on project and location

Contact Chef

For further information on any of the services, or to schedule a food or hotel audit call directly 817-291-6000.


Call to schedule a date and time!

Please call to schedule food or hotel audit and work out the details at 817-291-6000.

Thanks Chef Marshie




M&M Biz Solutions does an amazing job for Launch Site One, Blue Origin with our food service inspections.  Chef Marshie takes the time to explain and train/teach the proper way to handle, prepare, serve, and store food.  She endures the long travel and sometimes brutal weather to be able to provide this service for us.  She is reliable and prompt with her assessments and clearly delivers the information.  She is friendly and very pleasant to work with.  I highly recommend her.



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