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"Marshie was a good instructor with a passion for the subject that kept the 8 hour ServSafe Food Manager class from being dull.  Information was presented in a manner that all could understand. She was willing to spend time on any questions we had."

Tresita Arnold, McDonalds

"Marshie, I passed on Friday morning. I learned so much from your course. I did the whole thing and wrote notes, then listened to one and two on the way to the test. I didn't do any of the big practice tests, but got a 97 on the International Certified Food Safety Manager Exam. You took me from not knowing anything on first listen to kicking butt. Thank you!!!! Tia"




"Great Instructor, she is very knowledgeable and thorough. I would enjoy any classes she instructs."
G.M. Nichole Anderson, TMI Hospitality Franchisee of Fairfield Inn by Marriott.

"Chef Marshie, I chose your program for the convenience of studying at home after work, but it far exceeded my expectations. I loved your personal touches and anecdotes which really helped me remember the information. I loved working at my own pace, and actually took the test NRFSP exam this morning and aced it just using your program this week and without buying the book. This is from a licensed teacher, not anyone in the service industry yet. Thank you so much!!"




"We appreciate your availability.  Your information on the website was simple and easy to understand.  The training link and practice tests were very helpful."

Gloria Nash, GM & Casey Steiner, RM of Denny's

"Dear, Marshie

"Oh my! What an eye opener. I can see how serving safe is the most important part of my job as a kitchen manager.
"To answer your list of questions, it was because I had an online option, I could replay the class over and over. Also Girl! You are funny and I need to laugh. And your heart is in teaching what makes food safe for all. Thank You!

"Getting online was easy pisey, because you're were their to help me every step of the way. I have been like a sponge. Even my home kitchen is now safer than it has ever been.

"The class is not to long because we needed all of it and more. I will gladly tell my friend to take your classes.

"Congrats! On your book and please send the link."

Veronica Kelly,
Kitchen Manager
Tucker's Catering
Norcross, Ga.



"Marshie has been an asset to PFG in providing excellent Wait Staff and ServSafe training.  She has been training our top customers and has only received positive feedback from owners and managers across the state.  I would highly recommend her for all of your training needs."

Bill Puett, Director of Training for PFG

"As a chef, I understand the deep importance of staying up-to-date on all Safety and Sanitation regulations, in order to keep my clients and consumers safe and healthy.

"I found Chef Marshie on Google. First she had availability and a personal website I could review. I decided to call and she answered the phone immediately. She was excited to work with my schedule to obtain my certification quickly. She was informative on all next steps, and how to sign up and begin studying. Her website says to please wait up to one day, although she delivered my registration and sign on information within an hour of my purchase. I loved her personality and willingness to help me. I am able to sit for my CFM certification within one week; she was more than willing to be flexible, as she offers many locations to meet the location and time frame her students need. I am beginning the online course now and she is enthusiastic and heartfelt in her teaching. She has the current, updated facts on Safety and Sanitation.  Thank you Chef Marshie for being prompt, fun and personable."

Chef Patricia Cashion, Shoot for Healthy


"Having taken the CFM class from M&M Business Solutions, I can honestly say Marshie was a pleasure to have as an instructor.  Not only is she well informed she is a fun teacher!  I just know I was successful in passing because of her instruction!"

Muriel Wright, Patient Service Manager for Scott and White Hospital

"Hi Marshie, It was very nice meeting you in person. Thank you for all the help from the phone call about registering all the way to taking the test.
I found you by googling for a proctor.  I chose you because you not only offered the class on line, but I had the option of doing it on my own time and your face is what I got to see- not pages from a book."

Trudy, TX

"Thought your class was excellent. It may have been nice to have been made aware that there was a book that I might have purchased to follow along. But didn't feel lost without it as you made the learning both interesting and educational. It was such an easy way to learn. Things were repeated enough to really retain the information. So much more pleasant then sitting in a class room and trying to take notes or retain all the information."

Nancy, MN

"I thought you presented the course material and gave good examples of various topics. It allowed me to go through the course on my time schedule."
Helen, AK

"The class was very easy to follow along to. Chef Marshie made it fun and interesting and her stories helped me remember the information."
Ashley, MN

"I liked how interactive the class is."
Ariel, Round Rock, TX


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