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Proctor Fee is extra and paid to Prometric for $48

Proctored Exam online with Prometric or live with me in Central Texas when you find AFS proctor which will be diffcult since they became ANSI approved February of 2020.

80 Question ANSI Accredited Exam in a Proctored Environment (Test Center - Prometric). You will make an additional payment of $48 to Prometric when you buy this course. Total cost would be $149.99 plus $48 = $197.99

Pass Rate is 70%

Accepted in all 50 States

Certificate validity 5 years (5 años)

Passing score is 70%

Length is 8 hours


ANSI Approved and Accepted in ALL 50 States!

Class covers critical principles including: personal hygiene, cross contamination, time and temperature, receiving and storage, food safety management systems, training hourly employees, and more.


Fully Accredited Certification in 2020

Always Food Safe’s Manager Certification is set against the FDA Food Code 2017, so all learnings are up to date with the most recent regulations*

*Does not address specific state or local county regulations

Get the class and the exam must pay for the PROCTOR FEE to PROMETRIC which costs $48.
Total cost would be $149.99 plus $48 = $197.99



ANSI approved and accepted throughout the United States and meets regulatory requirements.
  • The exam consists of 80 questions 2 hours.
  • Questions are multiple choices.
  • You must achieve a minimum weighted score of 75 to pass.

To renew your certification, you will need to take a Always Food Safe exam before the expiration of your current certification. In some areas, continuing training hours are required. Check with your local health department for training requirements. 

The only method for maintaining certification is by retaking the examinations with a Always Food Safe Proctor or take it with Prometric and pay an extra $48. Take a Computer Based Examination and get immediate results. You must find your own Always Food Safe Proctor and pay their fee.
  • Your course data is available to the person registered for the course.
  • Users have 60 days from the date of purchase to launch the course and complete it, at which time the course will be deactivated.
  • With the 24/7 access of online training products, you are always in control of how, where and when you study.
  • Equipment requirements: High Speed Interenet, played on the following: Android, I-Phone, Laptop, Tablet, Desktop
  • We offer Online Exams and Proctoring in Central Texas.
  • Online tests allow you immediate test results and copy of your certificate.
  • All sales are final and non refundable.
  • Not responsible for lost exam vouchers
"Having taken the live ServSafe class from M&M Business Solutions, I can honestly say Marshie was a pleasure to have as an instructor.  Not only is she well informed she is a fun teacher!  I just know I was successful in passing because of her instruction!”

Muriel Wright, Patient Service Manager for Scott and White Hospital

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