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Onsite classes in Central Texas

Benefit from our volume discounted classes.



2 hour class on how to deliver better customer service for counter service.


  • How to upsell?
  • How to increase their average check?
  • How to have happy customers?
  • How to maintain repeat customers?


  • You recoop your investment overnight!  
  • It is easier and cheaper to maintain a customer than it is to obtain a new customer.
  • Price breaks for more students you have in class.

I happily travel outside of Central Texas,(Waco, Temple, Austin). It will require my incidentals to be paid in advance: 5 days before class. Otherwise, I will consider your class forfeited with only a quarter of your money being refunded. This is generous since, we have a strict no refund or exchange policy. Please call to schedule your onsite live class at 817-291-6000. Thanks Marshie

Customer Service

Live onsite per student

  • Tier 1 6-10 = $115     $250 instructor fee plus incidentals
  • Tier 2 11-15- $99       $250 instructor fee plus incidentals
  • Tier 3 16-21= $89 instructor fee waived plus incidentals
  • Tier 4 22-35= $75 instructor fee waived plus  incidentals
  • Tier 5 36 =     $70 instructor fee waived plus incidentals

*With 15 or less students, I charge an additional instructor fee of $250. Click here to pay the fee.

I am willing to travel outside of Central Texas with my incidentals in advance.

Call to schedule a date and time!

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