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  • 2.5 hours of Live Class Instruction ($19.99)
  • Certification good for 2 years ($0)
  • Workbook includes the written test ($10)

Who is required to be OSHA trained?

All hotel and restaurant employers, employees, managers, executives, support staff, and vendors. Plus, the training must be continual and ongoing. That is why our workbooks are extremely jam-packed.


Why am I just now finding out that this is required for my restaurants, bars, or employees? How does this process work?

Poor marketing by our Federal and State Governments, I guess. Plus, they and the lawyers all seem to benefit more if you don't comply and you get sued after something bad happens. Every restaurant, bar, and food service industry establishment should have an OSHA poster mounted on the wall. Does that sound familiar? Have you ever read it? It says, with clarity, that OSHA is the law and that you must comply with the law. Not sure what else to tell you other than this. To comply with the law, you must do a lot more than just stick a poster on the wall. That simply isn't enough, and therefore, our program will not only help you follow the OSHA guidelines, codes, standards, policies, procedures and safety rules, but it is written specifically for restaurants.

Is OSHA required for restaurants and bars?

Yes. OSHA compliance is required for all employees, all employers, and all establishments conducting business in the United States, and its territories. So, yes, OSHA is required for all hotels, restaurants,  bars, and the owners, managers, employees, executives, vendors, and everyone who works in them. OSHA was mandated in 1971.

How do I know if my state, city, or county requires OSHA compliance?

They do! It is Federal Law. Federal Law trumps State Law. When a Federal expert comes to your door wanting to see your OSHA training materials, certifications, standards, policies, procedures, safety rules, and more because you are chin deep into a lawsuit or insurance claim- and you do not have it, it will not end well. How many times have you had someone almost cut their finger off in the kitchen? Ever had a freshly mopped floor, but forgot to put out the "wet floor" signs or even put out the signs and someone still slipped and fell? What about that wobbly table or chairs with untightened nuts and bolts holding the thing firmly together? Ever felt like you needed security cameras to ward off unwanted advances in a dark part of your restaurant or hotel parking lot? Ever see a need to get a light for that dark space? All of these types of matters fall under OSHA safety and security standards, and all and more are addressed in the hospitality industry curriculum on how to create and maintain a safe and secure environment for you, your employees, and your customers. Get trained, tested, and certified to help reduce risk and ward off unpleasant happenings and incidents at your places of business.

Hotel and Restaurant Safety - Employee: Don't Slip! Be OSHA Compliant.
Live onsite per student

1-15 $10 book $19.99 class = $29.99 (no discount)

*With 15 or less students, I charge an additional instructor fee of $250. Click here to pay the fee.

I am willing to travel outside of Central Texas with my incidentals in advance.

Call to schedule a date and time! You can buy the books with the certificate and teach the course yourself.

  • 16- 40 $10 book $18.99 class = $28.99  $200 instructor fee plus incidentals Click here to pay the fee
  • 41- 75 $10 book $17.99 class = $27.99  $200 instructor fee plus incidentals Click here to pay the fee
  • 76 $10 book $15.99 class = $25.99 instructor fee waived plus incidentals


I teach inside Central Texas (Temple,  Austin and surrounding areas).


I teach outside Central Texas, Dallas, Fort Worth, Waco, San Antonio, and Houston areas with my incidentals begin paid in advance.


Call to schedule a date and time for your onsite Hotel and Restaurant Safety - Employee Don't Slip! Be OSHA Compliant training class!

You can opt to buy the books and teach the course yourself.  All I ask is the manager who will be the trainer take my live or online manager course first. Yes, it is that simple.


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