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This online recertification course is approved by DATCP: Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection. 

This recertification food manager training course is approved to fulfill the training requirements for the Food Safety Training for
Small Operators Recertification.
This training only qualifies for recertification for a manager
of a small restaurant with
5 or fewer employees
who handle food.
If you need initial certification, pick which ANSI certification you want.
(Always Food Safe, Prometric or National Registry of Food Safety Professionals).

Before buying this course be aware you have to validate you are currently certified.

You will have to take a picture with your current certificate to take this course. 
If you do not have a current certificate, you will have to take the initial food manager certification course no exceptions.

If in doubt, stop and call the DATCP to get clarity. 
DATCP website 

We do not refund or make exchanges so please make sure this is the course for you before buying it. 


Learning Objectives:

  • How to keep food safe!
  • Have fun!

Course Details:

Test attempts: Unlimited

Percentage required to pass: 70%

You will have to take a picture of your current certificate in with your headshot to take this course. There are no exceptions. 

We do not give refunds or exchanges.  Please make sure this recertification course is for you. 
Call DATCP for clarity if you are unsure. 
DATCP website

Do I need this training?

Are you a manager of a small restaurant or facility with 5 or fewer employees who handle food?  Yes, then you no longer have to renew your Certified Food Manager Certificate by taking a nationally accredited exam in Wisconsin.  This recertification course has been approved to fulfill your recertification requirement.  However, your current Certified Food Manager and/or Small Operator's Certificate can not be expired.  If it has expired, you must start all over by taking a Certified Food Manager course and pass the exam.  There is no grace period. (This is a recent change late 2016.  The 6 month grace period is no longer valid.) 

DATCP website for more clarification states:

With the exception of small operators, all food managers are required to take and pass an approved exam every 5 years. Small operators that have 5 or fewer food handlers that have a food manager that has already taken the full certification exam and is renewing within 6 months of expiration of their initial certified food manager credential may use the Food Safety for Small Operators (Recertification) course to meet the requirement. Any food manager whose credential is not renewed within 6-months of expiration is required take and pass an approved exam.‚Äč


When do I need to complete your training?

Before your certificate expires!  There is no longer a grace period given.


How do I complete your training?

By completing the M & M Biz Solutions course online for Small Operators Recertification. You will have to take a picture with your valid certificate in with your headshot. The class is completely online and the state certification is then emailed to you after you finish the course.

What do I get when I finish this course?

M & M Biz Solutions: Food Manager's Training HQ issued certificate for the Small Operator's Recertification Course directly in your email.


How long is my certificate good for?

This certificate is valid for 5 years.
  • Compatible Devices: Computer, Tablet, Mobile Phone (Android, IPhone)
  • Available in English only.
  • (You will have to undergo a verification process.  By taking a full face picture along with your current certificate.)

Why choose M & M Business Solutions: Food Manager's Training HQ? (M&M Biz Solutions for short)

I, Chef Marshie Morgan, bring you personalized, fun and engaging training material.  I have been teaching food safety for over 20 years and love it.  My mission is "Teaching and helping others achieve their full potential is my life's work". See what others have had to say. Reviews.


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