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Carolina Gutierrez Owner of The Bakery Boutique

7 Aug 2019 15:00:00 Marshie

Hello and welcome to my blog, Featured Chefs at M&M Biz Solutions

My name is Marshie Morgan.



Let's get you introduced to everyone, shall we?


Marshie:  Name, title and any letters behind your name.

Chef: Carolina Gutierrez


Marshie:  Where are you from?

Chef: Reynosa, Mexico


Marshie:  Where do you work or do you own your own business? Name of business.

Chef: I own The Bakery Boutique.


Marshie:  How long have you been a dedicated chef?

Chef:  It has been 9 amazing years.


Marshie:  Who is your favorite chef, and what is it about their work that really strikes you?

Chef: Jeffery Zacharian is my favorite chef ever! I love his cooking style and the elegancy of his food, a true piece of art each and one of his plates.

As for cake artists/pastry chefs I Marina Sousa is one of my favorite ones. She is a pioneer and her talent is beyond imagination.


Marshie:  How do you deal with the day in day out stress?

Chef: I work out, recently joined a cross fit gym and that hard core work out allows me to release the stress; and after a long day I love to play scrabble.


Marshie:  How do you balance your work life with your personal life?

Chef: This can only be done with the help and support of my family. Since my job is busier over the weekends, my other half takes over and helps around with the kids and the house. You got to love a man that cooks!


Marshie:  What is the biggest accomplishment up to this point in your career?

Chef: To collaborate on a TV show making a cake on camera. I love that we can reach more people this way and teach them something they can do from the comfort of their home, this is a great opportunity for staying home moms, for example.

Marshie:  What are three nuggets of wisdom you would share to new aspiring chefs?

Chef: Make sure this is your passion; you’ll work weekends and holidays. Not everybody will understand at the beginning until is happening and you can get really frustrated (and so will your husband or wife) a supportive partner is a basic in this equation.


Learn Social Media. I was clueless at the beginning, only using Facebook to post cakes every once in a while, but I notice that the more social media channels, the better, and now you can  run the business without a store front for example, just having Instagram , Facebook and snap chat accounts.


Look professional ALWAYS, even if you work from home. Honor the chef coat every time, you will see the fruits of that very soon. If you passed all of the above, enjoy a cold beer or your favorite drink after working hours, the satisfaction couldn’t be better!


Marshie: What is your favorite thing to eat at home?

Chef: I love to eat, so I eat EVERYTHING, right now I’m into salads. Big bowls of lettuce, spinach, arugula, kale, radish,


Marshie:  What is your number one safety tip?

Chef: Be very careful with your fingers, they break very easy.


Marshie: Imagine a future where you no longer cook. What would you do?

Chef:  I can’t even imagine that future.


Marshie: Do you have a Facebook page, social media outlet or website readers can visit for updates, events and special offers?

Chef: Facebook: The Bakery Boutique

Instagram @TheBakeryBoutique


Marshie: What exciting news do you want to share with the readers about you or your establishment? (New location, menu, specials, events, etc…)

Chef: I’d like to share that we moved to the Rio Grande Valley area. After 20 years, we moved back home and we are delighted serving here. We have delivery services from Rio Grande to South Padre Island.

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