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Hepatitis A is Spreading Across the Nation

14 Sep 2019 10:00:00 Marshie - Full article...

Hepatitis A is Spreading Across the Nation     By Marshie Morgan M & M Biz Solutions blog on September 14, 2019   Hepatitis A is a virus running rampant across the United States to epidemic limits this year.  Hepatitis A is rare to cause death however with the numbers so high of infected individuals deaths have resulted in the hundreds. Last week in Colorado it took someone’s life who had a compromised immune system. WHO, World Health Organization

2017 FDA Food-safety rule change is now hitting small restaurant owner’s pocketbooks

26 Aug 2019 15:00:00 Marshie - Full article...

By Marshie Morgan [email protected] August 26, 2019       Under the state food code in some states like Pennsylvania, restaurants will need to have someone on-site at all times who is designated as the person-in-charge and has taken a safe food handling manager course and become certified, under changes to the state food code.  These changes are being prompted by the Model Food Code Changes of 2017 issued by the FDA.   In some states

Why is Hepatitis A Vaccines Mandatory for Food Handlers in Parts of U.S.?

8 Aug 2019 18:00:00 Marshie - Full article...

Why is Hepatitis A Vaccines Mandatory for Food Handlers in Parts of U.S.?   It is no surprise since the nation has been battling a deadly epidemic of hepatitis A from Missouri to Florida some jurisdictions are enforcing all food service establishments to vaccinate their employees.  Franklin County, MO has joined the cities and counties requiring Hepatitis A vaccines for restaurant workers. Hepatitis A is a highly contagious disease that attacks the liver which takes

Gas Cylinders in Restaurants

26 Jul 2019 14:00:00 Marshie - Full article...

COMPRESSED GAS CYLINDERS AT RESTAURANTS     Compressed gas cylinders can be found in almost every kitchen or restaurant basement. Without them, we would have difficulty serving fountain soda or performing work within the shop would be much more difficult; some operations would be impossible. Because they are very common, it’s easy to forget how dangerous they can be. Let’s review some safety rules for using, storing and working with

3 Costs to Foodborne Illness by Marshie Morgan

19 Jul 2019 16:00:00 Marshie - Full article...

  3000 die of foodborne diseases a year   Every day around the world we hear in the news about a recall or a foodborne illness outbreak. CDC, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that each year roughly 1 in 6 Americans (or 48 million people) gets sick, 128,000 are hospitalized, and 3,000 die of foodborne diseases. In restaurants, hospitals, hotels, food trucks and even convenience stores food safety should be our top

Cross-Contact vs. Cross-Contamination by Marshie Morgan

19 Jul 2019 16:00:00 Marshie - Full article...

      Many people make the mistake of confusing cross-contact with cross-contamination. Cross-Contact deals with allergens and cross-contamination is introducing a raw food such as uncooked chicken breast into a Cesar salad. It is important to understand the differences between cross-contact vs. cross-contamination to keep your kitchen safer. An allergic reaction is caused by the body’s negative reaction to a food protein. According to foodsafety.gov a food

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